OEM Plant and Equipment Installations


OLME Manufacturing not only designs, assembles, and manufactures OEM plant and equipment but also offers assembly and site commissioning services with a full factory backed warranty and technical support team. 

Our manufacturing capability, along with competitive OEM supply options allows for a most cost effective alternative which also offers reduced lead times.

This is achieved based on our modular system designs which are pre-assembled and skid mounted providing significant capital cost reductions when looking at time, site labour and associated installation costs.

The following Engineering and Installation Services are available to our clients. 

Mod-Cube Enclosures and Liquid Storage Systems Site Erection and Commissioning 

We provide site erection and installation services for all our Mod-Cube and Liquid storage systems. 

Packaged Water Treatment Plant, Piping and Equipment Installations

We work with internationally recognized water treatment companies and provides full piping, rigging and installation services in support of our small but specialized range of Engineered plant and equipment.  

We focus on the Small to Medium engineered options that are not readily available to clients and will design and manufacture to our clients requirements based on proven designs, plant and OEM components.


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