Mod-Cube Housings and Enclosures


Legacy Manufacturing has access to a vast amount of experienced specialists covering technical applications in the Site Power Generation, Water Treatment and Process Services sectors of the market. We offer secure and cost-effective Plant and Equipment housing solutions erected at cost effective rates per square meter when comparing site installation labour and associated costs as a percentage of any projects end cost.

We either manufacture Specialized Flat-pack enclosures or utilize standard ISO containers, enabling us to transport by sea, rail, and road for rapid deployment across the African continent.

The OLME Mod-Cube

The global demand for efficient and durable plant and equipment that could be tailored to the client's requirements during the last 10 years motivated the company to focus on providing dedicated modular design to provide our clients with a Plug and Play solution in these fields. As such we offer various modular designed Housings, Service, and bulk storage units.

Our modular units enable us to manufacture and assemble in-house and ship flat-pack solutions with minimum on-site installation requirements and include all equipment, interconnection piping, and electrical hardware/software requirements, and are tested (FAT) prior to shipment, enabling these units to be categorised as plug-and-play solutions.

Our housings are constructed from High-Density PU panels which are performed to our required design, ambient temperatures, and sound requirements. Our OEM Panel thicknesses vary from 50mm – 100 mm with a variety of Cladding options. The Pre-formed PU panels which are manufactured in temperature controlled jigs are fitted with integral Camlocks with a rated 350kg pulling power to provide the structural rigidity we require.

 Legacy-Marine-Generator-Power-Cube-Assembly  LPSA-Modular-Generator-Power-Cube-001  Legacy-Marine-Mod-Cube-Enclosures-3  Legacy-Marine-Mod-Cube-Enclosures-4 Legacy-Marine-Mod-Cube-Enclosures-5

 A standard 9 meter x 9 meter Mod-Cube is assembled on a prepared slab within 8 hours using unskilled labour.

Mod-Cube Applications

By virtue of the Mod-Cubes design, freight envelope requirements, and structural integrity these units have endless application capabilities.

We have designed and manufactured Mod-Cube units for leading Site Power suppliers, Solar Energy providers, Remote monitoring stations, Water Treatment plant applications.



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