Liquid Storage Solutions


OLME has current Trade and Technology partnership agreements with various brand leading OEM Liquid storage plant suppliers to compliment our own range of in-house manufactured storage solutions. Most of our storage solutions are designed and manufactured on a Modular concept allowing either stand alone units or flanged panels which when bolted together allow for endless tank configeration options. 

Our focus is on reduced site time during installation and typically speaking a 200 m3 GRP tank can be assembled within 3 days utilizing unskilled labour. 

We focus primarily is the following areas: 

  • Flammable Liquids and fuels
  • Chemical Storage - Hydration Plant Site Storage
  • Potable and Process Water

While client requirements normally dictate volume and design we can provide competitive costings for supply, install and commissioning.

Modular Fuel Storage

To compliment our  Power-Cube Modules we can offer Self Contained double walled Diesel Fuel storage and dispensing systems with safe fill capacities of between 10 000 liters up to 62 000 liters per tank. Built from Steel our OEM Supplied tanks meet International regulatory containment standards.


modular-solutions-lpsa-fuel-storage-1 LPSA-Generator-Power-Diesel-Contanker-1 modular-solutions-lpsa-fuel-storage-3 modular-solutions-lpsa-fuel-storage-4 LPSA WATER SEPARATION FUEL FILTER SYSTEM 002


Modular Water Storage

We supply Water Storage solutions available as Panelled, Sectional. Bladder or Built in options for use as water storage facilities serving RO Plant, Filtration, Treatment, Industrial and Potable plant. We also represent a diverse range of products that specifically focuses on the water and waste water markets.

LPSA-Modular-liquid-Solutions-2 LPSA-Modular-liquid-Solutions-3 LPSA-Modular-liquid-Solutions-4 cs-3 LPSA-Modular-liquid-Solutions


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